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About Us

Anthony Calalay

I have always believed that my fellow photographers have charged way too much to just take a photo. I rather take your photos and get those emotions of tears of joy instead of you squandering to pay me. While maintaining the high level of service and quality offered by other photographers still. Photographers have that ability to freeze time and record a most precious life event on photos. I don't say a photo is worth 1,000 words. I say a photo is worth it when you invoke a emotion out of a viewer.

I first started off with a Bachelors in both forensic science and anthropology; graduating in 2012. While in the process of getting my bachelor's degree, I decided to take a photo class. Let's say I never regretted taking that photo class. After gradating with my Bachelors I earned my Associates in Photography in 2013. While taking classes, I also thought myself through books and yes YouTube. I constantly increased my knowledge in the photography field, through teaching and taking classes, and stay with the current trends.

One question that I know you will ask yourself, Why choose Calalay Photography? The answer... again, I believe in invoking emotions out of you instead of making you squandering to pay me. I believe in makeing memories one photo at a time.

You can contact us at (702) 324-6856 or use the "contact us" feature on this website to e-mail us and we will get back to you with in a 24 hour period.